10 days away!

“10 days away from what?” you ask.

10 days away from my birthday! Now, that’s not traditionally blog-worthy, but this year is different. This year is my 30th and I’ve decided to mark this new age by committing to a year of challenges.

This is a genius idea but I can’t claim it as my own. My best friend, Vicki, did the same thing (different challenges) for her birthday and I was so inspired that I started compiling my own list of 30 challenges that I would like to complete during my 30th year.

So, not only is it 10 days away from my 30th birthday, it’s also 10 days away from an exciting year of challenges and adventures!


12 thoughts on “10 days away!

  1. Alana that is a GREAT away to ring in your 30th year. I for one, ahem, cannot believe you are 30. It was just a couple of years ago you were stealing uncle William’s and Grandma’s cigs and negotiating for candy. You are a remarkable woman. And I love you.

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    1. I love you too! I can’t believe it either, I also can’t believe I have a 19 year old cousin!! Haha, I would like to clarify that I was stealing the cigarets in a misguided attempt to convince Grandma and William to stop smoking, not for personal use 🙂


    2. Hi honey,
      I am so inspried by your list of goals. I know you will full-fill each and every one. Its a lofty list! Let the 8 day count down continue!!!
      I love you
      You are a wonderful, compassionate, caring, engaged and healthy mined-spirited woman.
      I too have stories of you “sneaking candy”….shhhhh

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  2. YES YES YES! I just love you so much and who you are as a person. So filled with joy! Jesus radiates from your life and it is truly inspiring to see on a daily basis! I love you, friend!

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  3. Oh no you can’t possibly be 30…..that makes me….oh dear….anyway it’s not about me but about YOU dear girl undertaking this challenge. Off you go with the wind at your back. Much love and fond memories of you as a very young sweet schoolgirl and neighbour and tea drinking buddy in Camberley. All the best Alana now and in your future endeavours. (You may achieve all your goals you may not but for sure your path will be interesting and take you to new places) all good! Xo megan

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