Challenge #1: Plan a fun way to celebrate my birthday.


Challenge #1 doesn’t sound like a difficult one, but I’m not usually one for going crazy on my birthday. However, this year I celebrated for over a week!

Birthday Part 1 consisted of flying out to visit Mum and Dad in California for a whirlwind weekend visit. It started out with a trip to Hogwarts because I finally received my letter (if only!). We spent a magical day touring Hogsmead and the Hogwarts castle. I drank the customary butterbeer, but preferred the pumpkin juice. I got to see a wand choose a wizard, even though the wizard wasn’t me (of course they would choose the 10 year old girl next to me!).

The weekend concluded with a trip to the theater to see The Lion King. I’ve seen my fair share of musicals, but The Lion King goes above and beyond them all. It is officially my all time favorite and I cannot wait to see it again. The costumes and the makeup create the illusion that there are actually wild animals on stage!

Birthday Part 2 was the following weekend. My sister took me to see my favorite singer, Ben Rector, in concert in Atlanta. We were so close to him and I sang and screamed so much that I nearly lost my voice. The grand finale of my birthday week was the following night when me and a ton of friends went out for Birthday drinks in Athens

For someone who is not traditionally a big birthday partier I went all out this year and because of that it was the best birthday ever!


Here is a link to the full photo album.

Click here to see my full 30 for 30 list.


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