Challenge #3: Run the Soldier Half Marathon

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 8.51.40 PM.png

Quite late in posting this, but my most difficult challenge is done! I ran the soldier half marathon ūüôā

I thought with a ten-miler under my belt and with all my training behind me that I’d have no trouble with a half marathon. Boy, was I wrong! There’s something about those last 3.1 miles that are super tough.

There was no way I couldn’t finish this race though, it was way too special to me. The race was located at my birthplace and I actually got to run right past my old neighborhood. Also, my parents flew in just¬†to see me run. My dad didn’t even arrive until that morning and he got there just as I was crossing the start line!

This race is even more special because I ran in the hope of raising $1,000 for the Fisher House Foundation. Fisher House is an amazing organization that provides housing near hospitals so military families can be nearer while their loved ones are receiving treatment.

This is a link to the Fisher House website, please take a look and see all the great work they do. If that encourages you then please donate toward the cause.

Here is a link for my donation page. I truly appreciate your support!

Here is a link to the full photo album.

Click here to see my full 30 for 30 list.


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