Challenge #10: Learn To Make Cocktails


I think it’s fair to say that learning to make cocktails was one of the challenges I was most looking forward to. Mainly because I had the expert tutelage of my Uncle William! He spent a lot of time and effort preparing to teach me and to pass on his wisdom.

I’ve never been much of a cocktail drinker, except for Pimm’s of course 😉 So, this opportunity to expand my horizons was exciting for me. I, with the guidance of my uncle, made a vodka based drink call Down Under Fizz and a rum based drink called Florida Skies. Both came out great and tasted so good!

I was also honored by being able to wear my late grandmother’s apron. She would have loved to have been right there in the mix testing out her granddaughter’s cocktail concoctions.

Big thanks to my family for letting me turn them into my cocktail guinea pigs!

Here’s the full list of all my 30 Challenges.

Don’t forget, I’m still trying to raise money for Fisher House Foundation and Alzheimer’s Association. Please donate if you can!



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