Challenge #11: 30 Days of No Social Media

Aaaand she’s back! After 30 days without my facebooking, instagramming, snapchatting, wordpressing friends I am back to the world of social media.

This challenge was an interesting one for me. I never really saw myself as an excessive user of social media, however, over the past several months, I’ve been more and more inclined to check these outlets on a more frequent basis.

So, the challenge at first was quite difficult. Not being able to sneak a quick look at Facebook or scroll through the pretty pictures on Instagram was quite annoying. But, after a short amount of time I was surprised how easy it was to live life without social media.

I also became hyper-aware of just how many conversations start with or contain the words: “I saw this thing on Facebook…” It was rather fascinating for me to see just how much our lives revolve around these outlets nowadays.

I’m not hankering for the days of old when the newspaper, radio, or gossip was our only source of information. When phone calls cost almost the same as a weekly wage. When lettering writing was the only form of long distance communication (although I do still find letter writing fun!).

I’m sure that I could not live without today’s convenient forms of communication! Missing out on seeing a video of my best friend’s baby giggle, just because she’s 16 time zones away would be a great loss to me!

I’m glad I tried this challenge, but I’m also really glad to be back!


Don’t forget, I’m still trying to raise money for Fisher House Foundation and Alzheimer’s Association. Please donate if you can!

Here’s the full list of all my 30 Challenges.


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