Challenge #30: Have A Spa Day

I intentionally selected this challenge to be my last one because I was going to have the spa day on my birthday. It was my birthday present (thanks Lauren!), however, I did it on Monday instead because I thought it would be a great way to relax after running the Army Ten-Miler this weekend and I was right!
I have never had a massage before and it was such a relief to have my sore body massaged back to normalcy!

I am still accepting donations to Fisher House Foundation and Alzheimer’s Association. Would love to reach my goal for these and would appreciate your help!

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Challenge #19: Let My Friends Choose A Challenge


I have to admit, this was one of the challenges that I was most looking forward to. I had chosen quite a few challenges that got me out of my comfort zone, but I figured that letting my friends choose a challenge would really open up some cool opportunities.

My dear friend Megan chose the challenge and so together we went to American Black Belt Academy and we did the S.A.F.E. Athens Women’s Self Defense class. I loved this challenge so much! Not only was it a lot of fun, but I really feel that the skills we learned will be invaluable to us. It’s so easy to think that our town is safe, or our homes are safe, or “that would never happen to me,” but these skills have helped a lot of women and we got to hear their stories at the class.

American Black Belt Academy offers S.A.F.E. classes all year long and if you’re in the area then I highly recommend it!


Don’t forget, I’m still trying to raise money for Fisher House Foundation and Alzheimer’s Association. Please donate if you can!

Here’s the full list of all my 30 Challenges.

Challenge #24: Try 30 New Foods


Thank God for SnackCrate! I thought this was going to be one heck of an easy challenge, but, turns out I’m actually quite an adventurous eater and I’ve already tried so many fun things.

So, as I was struggling to add new things to my list when I was hit with an idea, why don’t I get a Snack Crate! I am so glad I did because I received a box full of yummy Polish treats that I probably never would have been able to try otherwise.

Those Polish make some interesting snacks! I loved some of them, like Slwika (chocolate covered plums) and Uszatki (sugar coated gingerbread). Others not so much, like sugar coated sesame seed crackers and a tiramisu chocolate bar.

My wonderful boyfriend introduced me to a lot of new foods, like sushi, Ethiopian food, and Cuban food. My uncle introduced me to the world of oyster roasting (interesting!). My coworker introduced me to pickled watermelon rind! I also tried Uruguayan food, crab claws, dolma, brigadeiro, halloumi, and that Japanese style cheesecake that’s so popular on Instagram.

This was such a fun challenge and I really encourage everyone else to step out of their comfort zone and try some new foods!


Don’t forget, I’m still trying to raise money for Fisher House Foundation and Alzheimer’s Association. Please donate if you can!

Here’s the full list of all my 30 Challenges.

Challenge #25: Complete the 52 List Project


I love lists! Whenever anything needs to be done, I grab my favorite stationary and write out a list. I also love the idea of guided journals and I love how they are so popular at the moment (I want to buy them all!!!).

So, what better way to combine my love of journals and lists than to do The 52 List Challenge! I had so much fun with these lists. Every week it’s an exciting new list and a fun journey into memory, gratitude, and discovery.

One of my favorite lists you can see in the picture above: “List Your Top 20 Mood-Boosting Songs.” I basically sat and listened to fun music on Spotify for hours. You don’t even realize in the process of writing a list that you are actually creating a fun moment/memory.

There are so many great lists in this book, like the ones below:

  • List your childhood and current dream jobs
  • List your favorite quotes
  • List everything you love to do outdoors
  • List the things that you want to be known for
  • List your greatest comforts

I really recommend everyone do this project! It’s broken out into seasons and each list will in some way relate to that season. It’s SO MUCH FUN!

Challenge #26: Get a Tattoo


I have wanted to get a tattoo for a loooong time! Which might surprise you, in fact, it surprises many of my family members as they all know my near paralyzing fear of needles. Regardless, I’ve had several designs in mind and I keep a running list of ideas, but I’ve just never got on and done it. I’m so glad that this year of challenges has encouraged me to finally get one.

As you can see from the picture I chose an outline of Great Britain. I originally designed the tattoo to have some text around it, but sadly it was so much text in such a small place that it would have been illegible. That being said I do plan to go back and add the text later

There is a lot of meaning for me in this tattoo, more than just the obvious of the fact that I lived in England for so many years and that it is such a special place to me. Since Alzheimer’s is so prevalent in my family, with this tattoo even if I lose all memory of my growing up years in England it’ll always be part of me.

Challenge #9: Try Something Different With My Hair


If you ‘ve seen any pictures of me lately, you’ll know that I’ve pretty much had the same hair style for a good long time. It was definitely time for a change, however, this was going to be difficult for me because I’m a bit picky when it comes to my hair and I’m not the biggest proponent for change in that area of my life.

As you can see, I didn’t go crazy. No purple mohawks like some of my coworkers jokingly suggested. Regardless, I got rid of 6”, which was a very big change and I added some highlights in there. Unsurprisingly, I still miss my long hair but there’s no doubt that this is much easier to maintain. Plus, it doesn’t get caught in as many things like it used to, so that’s definitely a side benefit!

Don’t forget, I’m still trying to raise money for Fisher House Foundation and Alzheimer’s Association. Please donate if you can!

Here’s the full list of all my 30 Challenges.